What started out as a hobby 25 years ago has lead into a full time business for Janet Stevens and Kamille Hughes. As our family and friends say, "they have created a 'monster'."

Janet started out working in the grocery business but always had a passion for design work. After being in different antique stores she took the plunge into the staging world with Chic Staging & Design. It was around 2008 when the staging business and any other small business starting going under due to the economy and also when Kamille joined the team. Kamille has a marketing degree and had just lost her job as a promotions director so the 2 teamed up and started painting furniture to the max. (Well, we have always done it but this is when it really took off). After being in several antique stores from we decided it was time to pull out of the stores and open up 4 days a week on our property in 2012. 

It is just the 2 of us. We do everything from finding the items to refinishing them. 

In December 2015 we decided it was time to move the "Farm" shop closer into town. So, we found an old building in downtown and moved in. Business was at an all time high. We hired an employee (more family) and kept on doing our thing. Then one day things changed.... 

In August of 2017 is when things started changing for our family. We had received devastating news that my grandmother (Janet's mother) had stage 4 lung cancer and was not expected to live through the end of the year. The news was hard, very hard. We are a very small family. A total of 7 of us with 4 of us now working at the store. We were not sure how we were going to manage taking care of the business and Ma / mom (as everyone called her).  Well, that is when we received a phone call (that same week we found out the cancer) from our landlord that we needed to sign a long lease. We knew we had already outgrown the downtown location and wasn't going to stay there much longer. We prayed really hard and decided it was time to switch things up. We had a location that we called our "storage yard" which we used to storage extra inventory and work on projects. It had 2 large buildings on an acre lot. So, we began thinking and planning. We decided to give our landlord a 60 day notice and give you the customers another 3 weeks to shop the downtown location. 

Now it is September 2017. My grandmother is declining rapidly. It was all hands on deck as extended family was coming into town. The 6 family members took shifts taking care of Ma /Mom. The downtown store came to a close on September 29th.  The next month was one of the worst months for our family. Ma /Mom was now no longer able to get out of bed, then hardly eating, then no longer speaking. She was a strong woman and only complained about the pain a few times as she didn't want us to worry about her. On October 24th Earlene Hughes went to be with her Lord and Savior. It was 2 months almost to the day that we found out about the cancer. It was a very fast growing cancer that could not be stopped.

In November 2017 we opened up at the storage yard, 3216 State Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93308 for what we now call our monthly markets. After going through what we did we knew that the business had been taking over our lives. We love what we do but we wanted to be able to focus more on family (as we are now taking care of grandpa). Our monthly markets give us time to find more unique items, work on custom orders, get more items posted online and of course family time. 

In September 2018 we changed our hours back to Wednesday - Saturday 10am to 4pm

You are probably wondering why we are telling you all of this... Well, we want you to understand why we closed the downtown location. We want you to know that family is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you have and you never know when you might loose one. 

At the end of march 2019 we decided to come the store front to focus on our personal lives. After some family members were sick we looked at each other and both said we wanted to scale back and focus on our own personal lives. We prayed and prayed about it for months prior and both were given the same direction.

So, now we have a few spaces in Mill Creek Antique Mall (805 19th street, Bakersfield) so you can shop on a daily bases as they are open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm. We will be adding lots more to the website, eBay and etsy. We will also be adding several more shows.